Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paleo Extreme Dark Chocolate Caramels

Paleo Extreme Dark Chocolate Caramels

Ingredients Caramel:
Almond Butter 1/2 cup
Almonds 1/2 cup finely ground
Dates 1/2 cup finely ground
Agave/Honey 4 tablespoons
Vanilla 2 teaspoons
Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon melted
Sea Salt 1/2 teaspoon

Ingredients Dark Chocolate:
Coconut Oil 1 cup heated
Cocoa Powder 3/4 cup
Agave/Honey 1/4 cup
Vanilla 1 tablespoon

In Food Processor finely grind Caramel ingredients until forms a creamy, almost dough-like mixture that resembles caramel: set aside.

In Microwave or Double Boiler melt Coconut Oil for Dark Chocolate. Then whisk in remaining ingredients.

Layer Dark Chocolate in Candy Molds or lined Mini Cup Cake Tins. Freeze until hard. Then add layer of Caramel to center and freeze again until hard. Repeat Chocolate layer one more time and freeze until hard. Store in refrigerator. Slightly softer candy and extremely dark. If too dark and bitter for your taste add additional Agave/Honey to adjust for more sweetness to Chocolate.

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