Friday, May 31, 2013

Paleo Sloppy Joe Acorn Squash

Not saying this is the same as the real thing; but this should ward off any cravings!

Ground Meat 3 lbs (Beef, Pork, Turkey)
Acorn Squash 2 large halved
Tomato Purée 1 cup all natural
Tomato Paste 2 tablespoons pure
Olive Oil 2 tablespoons
Thai Red Curry Paste 1 tablespoon
Onion 1 large diced
Garlic 1 clove minced
Paprika 1 tablespoon
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste

Roast halved Acorn Squash upside down on foil lined cookie sheet at 375 degrees for 30-35 minutes until tender. Brown ground Meat in Olive Oil in sauté pan in medium heat. Drain grease please. Add remaining ingredients and cook additional 10 minutes. Fill Acorn halves with Meat mixture and serve hot (Duhhhhh).

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