Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paleo Cranberry Apple Danish

What can I say, we're Italian; we have to have Coffee AND.... Or theFamily will go "All Soprano" on my ass!    So I'm getting pretty impressive with the Paleo desserts.  

Thanks to our Bad Ass Crossfit Brother Craig Marker (who won CF Empirical Competition!) for a tip on another recipe; so I added seltzer to make this cake light and fluffy.

Ingredients Danish Cake:
Almond Flour 2 cups
Coconut Flour 1/2 cup
Eggs 4 large
Agave/Honey/Maple 1/2 cup
Coconut Milk 1/2 cup
Seltzer 1/2 cup (LaCroix Coconut used)
Coconut Oil 1/2 cup melted
Vanilla 1 tablespoon 
Cinnamon 1 teaspoon 
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon  

Mix all wet Ingredients then add dry to make the Danish Cake batter.  Let the batter rest for 10 minutes to allow the Coconut Flour to expand.  Go to the fruit step next.

Ingredients Fruit Topping:
Apples 6 small (Golden Delicious used)
Cranberries 1/2 cup 
Coconut Milk 1/4 cup full fat
Vanilla 1 tablespoon 
Cinnamon 1 teaspoon 
Lemon  Juice 1 teaspoon fresh 
Coconut Oil 2 tablespoons for cooking

Peel, core, and cube the Apples.  Heat Coconut Oil in large skillet pan on medium heat.   Add Apple cubes.  Cook Apples for about 2-3 minutes then lower heat and add remaining ingredients.  Cook for another 2-3 minutes making sure to keep apples firm and al dente. 

Now you're ready to pour the Danish Cake batter into a  10x10 pan lined with parchment paper.  Then carefully spoon the Fruit on top of the cake.  Bake at 325 degrees for 22-25 minutes until golden brown.  Let Danish Cake cool completely before adding the Icing. 

Ingredients Icing:
Coconut Oil 1 cup (do NOT MELT)
Agave/Honey/Maple 1/2 cup
Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon
Coconut Milk 1/4 cup full fat 

Most important advice is to NOT melt the Coconut Oil and mix with the Agave/Honey/Maple to form a paste.  Slowly add in the Vanilla and then the Coconut Milk.  Allow to sit at room temperature until a smooth texture is formed while the cake fully cools.  Then drizzle in top of Danish.  I like to let it sit in refrigerator before serving.  Damn Good!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Paleo BBQ Brisket Burger

Okay now we're talking!  This is how Burgers are supposed to be.

See Saturday's Post in the Brisket then literally chop the Brisket into fine pieces about 2 cups and mix with 5 lbs of Ground Beef (80/20 renders the best flavor profile).  Season with Sea Salt/Pepper.  Grill and top with Paleo BBQ Sauce (see my prior Posts for recipe).   

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paleo Dry Rubbed Baked Brisket

My Husband Joe has slacked off from smoking our meats lately (maybe due to the scorching temperature outside).  So I've resorted to making things Old School.  Wait until you see what I'm gonna do with the Brisket tomorrow!

Brisket 5-7 lbs
Beef Broth 2 cups all natural
Onions 2 large sliced 
Celery 1 cup diced
Tomato Paste 2 tablespoons 
Coconut Amino's 2 tablespoons 

Ingredients Dry Rub:
Coconut Palm Sugar 1/4 cup 
Black Pepper 3 tablespoons course
Garlic Powder 2 tablespoons 
Onion Powder 2 tablespoons 
Sea Salt 1 tablespoon 
Dry Mustard 1 teaspoon 
Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon 

Mix Dry Rub ingredients together and rub it all over the Brisket.  Place Onions and Celery on bottom of baking pan and put the Brisket in top of the bed of vegetables.  Put in refrigerator overnight or at least 2 hours before.  Then add Broth, Paste, and Amino's.  Bake at 325 degrees for 5-6 hours until fork tender.  Wipe the drool! 

Paleo Creamy Cheddar Soup 80%

Another request from our Crossfit Daughter Brianna (.....never ending!).  So I did a ton of research, stepped into the WODMonkey Lab, and this is my creation!

Coconut Milk 2 cups full fat unsweetened 
Cauliflower 1 medium head diced
Calabaza/Butternut Squash 3 cups diced
Vegetable Broth 2 cups all natural
Cheddar 1 cup shredded 
Olive Oil 2 tablespoons
White Pepper 1 teaspoon 
Garlic Powder 1 teaspoon  
Onion Powder 1 teaspoon 
Celery Salt 1/2 teaspoon 
Sea Salt 1 teaspoon 

Toss Cauliflower and Squash in Olive Oil and roast in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until tender and golden brown.  Allow to cool slightly then in food processor grind until as smooth as possible (going to blend again tho).  In large sauce pot heat Broth and Coconut Milk until low simmer.  Add all remaining ingredients to the pot except the Cheddar.  Reduce heat and continue to cook on low while stirring for an additional 15-20 minutes.  Using a hand held blender smooth out the soup again (or put in blender).  Remove from heat and add the Cheddar.  Serve with chopped Chives and shreds if more Cheddar.  Good pix Bria! 

Paleo Spicy BBQ Chicken

Our 3 year old Granddaughter Eleia is finally branching out and eating more protein.  Not so strange she's liking Chicken but the intriguing part she enjoys  it nice and spicy!  Skip the napkins because you are gonna wanna lick your fingers. 

Chicken Thighs 3-5 lbs skin on
Coconut Milk 1 cup full fat/unsweetened 
Tomato Paste 1/2 cup
Agave/Honey 1/2 cup 
Red CurryPaste 2 tablespoons 
Ginger 1 teaspoon freshly grated
Garlic 1 tablespoon minced
Orange 1 medium freshly juiced
Lime 1 medium freshly juiced 
Smoked Paprika 1 tablespoon 
Cayenne Pepper 1 teaspoon  
Sea Salt/Pepper 1 teaspoon each

Olive Oil 2 tablespoons for baking

Mix all ingredients except Chicken to make the sauce.  Place Chicken in large plastic Baggie and pour sauce all over Chicken.  Massage the Chicken like it's your own thighs after a run!  Seal Baggie and place in refrigerator over night or for 2-4 hours to marinate.  In a large baking pan lined with the Olive Oil; bake Chicken  at 350 degrees for 3 hours.  

Paleo Apple Fritters

Friggin Fritter Jackpot!  Once again, I had a craving (this time apple pie but too lazy to make).  So I embellished, and made these bad boys!  

Ingredients Fritters:
Almond Flour 3 cups
Eggs 4 large
Coconut Milk 1 cup full fat/unsweetened 
Raisins 1 cup
Apples 2 medium Granny Smith/Any
Vanilla 1 tablespoon
Cinnamon 1 tablespoon 
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon 
Sea Salt 1/4 teaspoon 

In food processor grind Raisins and Vanilla until paste is formed place in large mixing bowl.  Then separately chop Apples in food processor.  Whisk Paste, Eggs and Coconut Milk in the bowl.  Add Apples then mix well.  Add all remaining ingredients and fill lined cup cake/muffin tins all the way up (yields 12).  

Ingredients Apple Topping:
Apples 2 medium Granny Smith/Any
Almonds 1/2 cup
Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon 
Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon 

Grind all Topping ingredients in food processor to chop (don't over do it leave some small chunks).  Spoon over top of each Fritter evenly.  Bake at 325 degrees for 22-25 minutes.  

Crossfit Back Squat Beauty Tank

We just HAD to make a shirt for all our fierce females that can lift like beasts but look gorgeous while doing so!  Go on WODMonkey.com to order.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paleo Latin Spiced Stuffed Peppers

Those who know me well know that I don't need an excuse to make every day a Fiesta!  My poor husband has endured the never ending abyss of my Latin cravings.  But he seemed to enjoy this version of Stuffed Peppers (may have been because he just killed a WOD and was famished).   

Peppers 8-10 medium any color
Ground Meat 5 lbs (Beef/Pork/Turkey)
Onion 1 large chopped
Tomatoes 2 cups chopped
Spinach 2 cups julienne chopped
Tomato Paste 1/2 cup
Olives 1/4 cup green pimento sliced
Garlic Cloves 4-5 minced 
Salsa 1/2 cup fresh all natural
Olive Oil 2 tablespoons
Smoked Paprika 2 tablespoons  
Cayenne Pepper 1 teaspoon
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste

Cut tops of Peppers and core out middle.  Place in baking dish standing upright then place aside.  In large skillet heat Olive Oil on medium heat.  Sauté Onion and Garlic until translucent.  Add all remaining ingredients and cook until meat is thoroughly cooked.  Fill each Pepper vessel to the top.  Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes until tender.  Can top with cheese and more salsa if desired. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Paleo Coconut Beef Curry Stew

Some thing so comforting about stew; maybe because it's basically the Plop and Drop method of cooking or how the flavors marry over slow cooking.  Either way this is a great choice!

Beef Stew Meat 3-5 lbs
Coconut Milk 2 cups full fat unsweetened 
Acorn Squash 1 large peeled/cubed 
Beef Broth 2 cups all natural 
Tomato Paste 1/2 cup
Chives 1/2 cup diced
Limes 2 medium freshly juiced
Onion 1 small diced
Red Curry Paste 2 tablespoons 
Smoked Paprika 2 tablespoons
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes 1tablespoon
Parsley 2 tablespoons 
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste 

Place all ingredients in large sauce pot or crock pot except Acorn Squash.  Cook on low for 4 hours.  The last hour add the Acorn Squash cubes and continue to cook until tender.  Butternut Squash or Sweet Potato can easily replace the Acorn Squash.  Serve with extra squirt of fresh Lime and Crushed Red Pepper flakes!  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paleo Pecan Cranberry or Chocolate Chip Cake

Okay so I'm Schizo lately and I'm feeling outta sorts.  My bad back has had me out of Crossfit commission for two months now so I have a ton of aggression back logging.  I couldn't decide what to make so I made half and half cake.

Ingredients Cake:
Almond Flour 3 cups
Coconut Milk 1 cup full fat/unsweetened
Apple 1 large minced
Eggs 4 large      
Coconut Oil 1/2 cup melted
Water 1/4 cup
Stevia in the Raw 1/4 cup
Vanilla 1 tablespoon 
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon  

Mix all ingredients in food processor until smooth batter forms.  Pour into 13x9 inch pan lined with parchment paper.

Ingredients Topping:
Dates 1 cup
Pecans 1/2 cup
Agave/Honey/Maple 1/2 cup
Cocoa Powder 1/4 cup
Coconut Oil 1/4 cup
Vanilla 1 teaspoon 

Grind all ingredients in food processor until sticky ball forms of well grounded mixture.  In small batches spread out over cake evenly.

Ingredients Flavor:
Pecans 1 cup chopped
Cranberries 1/2 cup dried
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips 1/2 cup

Sprinkle too of cake with desired flavor and bake at 325 degrees for 17-22 minutes until light golden.  

Paleo Potato Pancakes

This is a Real Crossfit Caveman breakfast!  You'll power thru even the worst WOD with this Rocket Fuel.

Sweet Potato 1 medium
Onion 1/2 medium
Almond Flour 3 tablespoons
Eggs 2 large
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste
Olive or Coconut Oil for frying 

In food processor shred Sweet Potato and Onion.  Mix all remaining ingredients and fry on stove top skillet in Olive or Coconut Oil until brown and crispy.  Be generous with the Oil do they do not stick to the pan.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paleo Bacon Explosion Meat Roll

Adapted from Project Mahem Rich Froning's Bacon Explosion (enter this on UTube and watch).  This is the by far the epidimy of all things GOOD!  Everyone should make this as soon as possible!!!

Ingredients Bacon Explosion:
Bacon 2 lbs 
Ground Beef 3-4 lbs 
Sausage 2-3 lbs
BBQ Sauce 1 cup (see below recipe)

Weave Bacon into large flat rectangle on layers if heavy duty foil.  Add the Ground Beef in one side and the Sausage on the other side flattening out and pressing into the Bacon.  Pour BBQ Sauce all over top of meat mixture.  Then using the foil roll the Meat gently lengthwise to make a roll formation.  Completely secure the roll with the foil.  It can be grilled or baked both in foil at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes (safer to bake so it doesn't break).  Slice into roll and serve.  WhaaaLaaa!

Ingredients BBQ Sauce:
Tomato Paste 2 cups
Water 3 cups
Molasses 1/2 cup
Orange 1 large fresh juice strained
Agave/Honey 2 tablespoons
Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons 
Ginger 1 tablespoon ground
Onion Powder 1 tablespoon 
Garlic Powder 1 tablespoon 
Paprika 1 tablespoon 
Sea Salt 1 tablespoon
Dry Mustard 1 teaspoon 
Ground Pepper 1 teaspoon (white if poss)

Mix all BBQ Sauce ingredients in sauce pan in medium heat.  Slowly increase heat to simmer for 15 minutes while continuously stirring.  Allow to cool then store in refrigerator. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paleo Pepperoni Stuffed Meatballs

Then THIS happened!  Had to get in touch with my inner WHAP-ness and start saying around with the classic meatball.

Ingredients Meatballs:
Ground Beef 5-7 lbs
Pepperoni 1stick finely ground nitrate free
Almond Flour 2 cups
Carrots 2 cups shredded
Onion 1 large Bermuda shredded
Eggs 4 large 
Garlic Cloves 4-5 minced
Italian Spices 2 tablespoons dried
Sea Salt/Pepper 1 tablespoon each 

Ingredients Sauce:
Chopped Tomatoes 6 cups
Tomato Paste 1/4 cup
Olive Oil 1/4 cup
Onion 1 large finely diced
Garlic 2 cloves minced
Basil Fresh 1/2 cup chopped
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste

No need to over complicate the Meatballs; keep it simple as the Pepperoni adds tons of flavor.  I ground the Pepperoni in the food processor then did the same with the Carrots and Onions (our daughter is still not a fan of chunks if veggies even tho she's a grown ass adult now).  Then mix in all remaining ingredients and form big ole balls about 3x3 inches.  Bake them at 325 degrees for 35-40 minutes until cooked through.  

For Sauce simply sauté Onion and Garlic in Olive Oil in large pot or crock pot medium heat until translucent.  Reduce heat to low and add remaining ingredients. 

Add Meatballs to pot and cook at least 4-6 hours until tender and juicy.


Monday, August 5, 2013

CrossFit Burpee Bombshell Tank

You gotta earn this tank but those if us females who have felt the pain of doing Burpees need to sport our tanks in style!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Paleo Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Let the sun shine!  These yummy muffins are so perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a sweet treat.  Grab and Go Baby!

Almond Flour 1 & 1/2 cups
Coconut Flour 1/2 cup
Coconut Milk 1/2 cup
Apple Sauce 1/2 cup all natural
Blueberries 1 cup fresh cleaned/dried
Lemon 1 large fresh squeezed juice
Lemon Rind 1 teaspoon fresh grated
Stevia in the Raw 1/2 cup
Vanilla 1 tablespoon
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon 

Mix all ingredients except Blueberries to make a batter consistency.  Gently fold in Blueberries.  Fill 12 lined cup cake/muffin tins pretty close to the top (dense muffins so there is not much over spill as low rising).  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-22 minutes until golden brown.  

Paleo Biscuits

Yee Haw Ya'll!  

Ingredients Biscuits:
Almond Flour 2 cups
Water 1 cup
Coconut Flour 1/2 cup
Olive Oil 1/2 cup
Eggs 3 large
Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon 
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon

Ingredients Season for Top:
Sea Salt/Pepper 1 teaspoon each
Dry Minced Onion Flakes 1 teaspoon
Dry Minced Garlic 1 teaspoon 
Mix all Biscuit ingredients until a sticky dough forms.  Place either in lined Cup cake or Mini Loaf pan or free form into 2x2 inch circles flattened on parchment lined cookie sheet.  Top with Seasonings evenly distributed.  Bake depending on size but at 325 degrees for approximately 15-22 minutes until light golden brown.