Friday, October 11, 2013

Paleo Bad Ass Bark

Don't knock it til you try it!  Strange combination undoubtably of Bacon, Cashews, Cranberries, and Chocolate in this candy bark but it's a dessert unlike any other that only a Bad Ass Crossfitter would understand.

Cocoa Powder 3/4 cup
Coconut Oil 1 cup melted
Cashews 1 cup
Bacon 1/2 cup cooked diced bits
Coconut Manna 1/2 cup
Agave/Honey/Maple 1/4 cup
Cranberries 1/4 cup dried
Vanilla 1 teaspoon 

Mix all ingredients together and pour in 10x10 pan lined with parchment and place in refrigerator to harden about hour.  Store in refrigerator about 2 weeks.  Can use bigger pan to make thinner or smaller to make thicker.  

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