Friday, July 18, 2014

Paleo Protein Fuel for Fire

Real Food, Right Now!  Story if every Paleo Person's life; you want to stay Clean, but there are not many portable options.  Well I'm hear to tell you that this revolution has changed that dilemma.  It's simply All Natural ingredients enhanced with Whey Protein to jack up the powerful benefits.  

This is life changing eventful for me!  You can easily throw them in your Gym Bag, Purse, Lunchbox, or Suitcase.  and I won't brain is already thinking about how to use them on top of Chia Pudding or Protein Muffins.  The fact that there is the option to Grab & Go is the BEST part!  Let's face it, the people at my work think I'm crazy shaking my Protein Shakes every day LMAO!

They come in 3 flavors and each good in their own right.  Okay my favorite flavor was the Banana Cocoa.  Hey, it's Chocolate goodness, need I say more?  It was like a brownie I could squirt in my mouth!!  Then thereis Triple Berry which was super yummy.  Then the Sweet Potato Apple which was another party in my mouth!   It wasn't a chore to get my Protein in, rather felt like a Treat!!!

Get yours now at!!  

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