Sunday, February 22, 2015

Paleo Chocolate Coconut Almond Haystacks

Getting back to my Paleo Roots.  During Lent I gave up Baking, as I love to do it and wanted to challenge myself.  Plus I have a lot of sins to repent for (just kidding, but temeber just thinking about it is a sin)!  So anyways, I had to create something Paleo, Raw, and as compliant to Whole30 as possible.....nailed it!

Coconut Oil 1 cup organic
Cocoa Powder 1/2 cup organic unsweetened 
Shredded Coconut 1/2 cup organic unsweetened 
Sliced Almonds 1/2 cup 
Agave/Honey/Maple 1/4 cup organic 
Vanilla 1 teaspoon 

Melt Coconut Oil, then mix in all remaining ingredients.  Drop by the spoonful onto parchment or wax paper.  Decorate with more Sliced Almonds and Shredded Coconut if desired.  Pop into refrigerator until firm.  Shazam!!

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