Monday, July 11, 2016

Watermelon Cuke Mint Lime Margarita Made with @wildshotmezcal

Watermelon Cuke Mint Lime Margarita Made with @wildshotmezcal OMGosh New Fav!  

Blend all fresh ingredients together to taste & you will be in Paradise! 

Watermelon 2 cups 
Cucumbers 1 cup cubed
(freshly blend and strain both)
Limes 3-4 freshly squeezed juice
Mint Leaves a Fist full (or to taste)
Tequila Wild Shot Mezcal 10 shots/jiggers

This picture was taken before I strained everything still delicious but not as pretty. So I recommended straining after you blend. This will get rid of the extra pulp.  For the Mint, use as much as you're comfortable with I like a lot so I blended mine right in but you can add after blending for a more subtle taste.

This is some friggin AWESOME sipping.  You don't feel it in the first one because it's so light and refreshing.  Then BAM!! 

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